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The Journey Begins

Welcome to my first blog post! Here’s a little background on me:

Since as long as I can remember, I’ve always enjoyed being neat and organized. I took pride in cleaning my room as a child. I always kept my bunkbed and cubby neat in sleepaway camp. All my friends knew how much I loved to arrange my supply box in school. Organization gives me a sense of calm and peace. I often clean in times of stress and find that it really helps. I’ve organized many spaces in my own home, and have helped family and friends clear out some clutter in their homes as well.

As my children get older and I’m left with more time on my hands, I’ve come to realize that I’d love to use my passion for organization to help others find the peace and calm they desire. I love helping people and teaching others the skills necessary to de-clutter their homes and lives. I truly believe that too much junk in our homes and spaces leads to a sense of emotional upheaval and disarray, and clearing out that clutter is crucial to our emotional well-being and health.

Join me on my journey as I share helpful tools and tips to keeping our spaces organized, show before and afters of my projects and discuss how to maintain a feeling of calm and peace in our homes and lives.

-The Boca Organizer


Contact me for more information and to schedule an appointment.

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