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The 7 Easy Organizing Hacks I Can’t Live Without

As the mom of three rambunctious boys, I’m always looking for ways to keep my house organized. It’s one thing to clean up and put away, but it’s another much more important thing to create easy solutions that will last (and that my hubby and kids can also maintain). Some organizing and de-cluttering hacks I use have become so natural to me that I don’t even notice them anymore! But I’ve come to realize that without those techniques my house would be in disarray and there would be a lot more clutter lying around.


1. Makeup organizer

As women, we tend to accumulate a lot of makeup! And of course we use it all and wouldn’t want to get rid of any, right? Instead of digging through a drawer or dumping it all in a cluttered pile on the counter and never being able to find what I needed, I purchased this acrylic makeup sorter from The Container Store. They have tons of different options to choose from as well, depending on your needs and space specifications. I leave it on the counter for easy access. Now all of my makeup is easy to find and looks pretty too!


2. Front door bin

I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand it when my boys come home from school and fling their backpacks on the floor of the entryway. I needed a solution that would be easy for the kids to maintain and would help Mommy keep her sanity! This inexpensive fabric box is a great option- it gives the backpacks a home, as well as our library bag- leaving it in the bin by the door makes it easy for us to keep track of our library books and reminds us when it’s time to return them.


3. Spice rack

One of the first kitchen items I ever purchased as a newlywed (with credit from items I returned to Williams-Sonoma) was a two-tiered turning spice rack. The best part about this particular model was that it came with empty bottles, so I was able to fill it with the spices I use most regularly, and not be limited to the ones it already came with. It also marked the beginning of one of my favorite organizing pastimes: LABELING! Keeping it right next to my stove top and oven allows for easy access and use.

4. Utensil drawer dividers

A must-have for my new house: dividers for my large serving piece drawers! How many of us waste time digging through drawers, trying to find that slotted spoon, as the pasta is bubbling over on the stove, your kids are whining or fighting with each other, and you just want to get dinner on the table before all hell breaks loose? Plus, good luck trying to close the drawer after you’ve made a mess finding that spoon! The dividers give all of my utensils a home and make it super-easy to keep it neat and organized. Plus, they’ll adjust to the width of your drawer and won’t break the bank. You can find these at Bed Bath & Beyond.


5. Treats/Candy box

My boys love our candy box- what kid wouldn’t, right? But putting it all together, contained in a fabric box, up on a high shelf of the pantry, out of the way of greedy little hands and out of the eyeline of my toddler allows me to control their candy intake and save it for special occasions. Be sure to go through it every once in a while though to get rid of candy that’s melted or gone stale.


6. Pull-out cabinet shelves

Guys, I don’t know what I did before I had pull-out drawers in my cabinets. Oh wait, I remember, I just spent tons of time digging blindly through the cabinet trying to get to the item all the way in the back, only to find that it wasnt there because I couldn’t actually see anything! Pull-out cabinet shelves are an amazing thing. They allow you to see everything you have so that you don’t buy more junk to replace the stuff you didn’t know you already owned! Saves so much time and money, and looks great too!


7. Sterilite container toy storage

A no-brainer for all you parents out there, sterilite containers help keep a playroom or closet organized. The clear containers allow our little-ones to find the toys they want to play with. They are easy to stack and look so neat on the shelf. An organizer’s must-have. Make sure you and the kiddos take some extra time when you clean up to keep the toys in their appropriate containers. Labeling helps a lot with that, especially for parents and reading kids. Keeping this maintained will make playtime a lot more fun for the kids and clean-up will be much easier and less stressful.

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