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Perfect or Practical?

I’m sure you guys have caught the latest trend in organization, popping up on celebrity Insta feeds and Pinterest boards: color-coordinated refrigerators full of colorful fruits and vegetables in cute little bins and… not much else.

How does one attain that perfect magenta color in not one, but FOUR different preparations?

I don’t know about you, but my fridge does NOT look like that. It’s not a mess, don’t get me wrong, but it reflects our busy life: it’s full of my kids’ half-started yogurt smoothies, last night’s leftover chicken, mismatched tupperware, Ziplocs galore, and half-used condiments. And guess what: that’s ok! If all you eat are beautiful, rainbow colored fruits and veggies, freshly pressed juices, and cucumber water, then god bless- buy all the bins the Container Store has to offer, label away, and enjoy. But if you live in the real world like me, have 3 kids, a husband, and kind of a busy life, chances are your food selection varies a lot more and does not look half as pretty.

Whose milk comes in those bottles? What is this, the 50’s?!

Organization, to me, does not mean having the prettiest fridge, an Insta-worthy mecca of color that you can post and show off to all your friends, but in 10 minutes is all messed up. Or you can’t make that recipe you’ve been dying to try because the ingredients don’t fit in your bins or are the wrong color. Or you can’t stand having to take the lid off of a container every time your kid wants a snack from the fridge. Or you find yourself yelling at your husband and kids because they dared to put an orange in the apple bin. Or you have to throw out leftovers because they don’t fit your color scheme. It means creating practical, manageable solutions that you can maintain, and that look neat at the same time. Like making sure to get rid of any food that may be expired. Going through your fridge often and grouping similar items together to prevent overbuying when you need something and don’t realize you actually have one somewhere in the deep recesses of your fridge. Obviously keeping dairy items together, as well as fruits and vegetables in the proper drawers, so food stays fresh and organized. Making sure food is clean and dry before putting it away to help keep the fridge clean and free of germs. These are simple, quick solutions we can all handle, right? It may not make you the envy of Instagram, but it’ll make your life easier and keep you sane at the same time. And that’s something to be proud of.

My fridge in all its perfectly imperfect glory

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