How to Keep Your Car Organized

If you’re anything like me, you spend almost as much time in your minivan shuttling your kids to and from school, driving to and from grocery stores like your family is eating food quicker than you can buy it, and driving to and from work, as you spend in your own home. Our cars have become extensions of our houses- and can become just as cluttered and messy.

What can we do to combat the garbage on the floor, toys strewn about, half drunk juice boxes in the cupholders mess our minivans can potentially become?

Here are some practical solutions that have helped me tremendously:


  • I love these Fancy Mobility Car Backseat Organizers. Perfect for storing juice-boxes, snacks, little toys and books just within reach of your little one, they’re a great solution for the times when your son MUST have a snack THIS SECOND and you’re doing 65 on the highway. And it’ll keep everything neat and in one place, which warms my professional organizer’s heart.


  • Every Mommy-mobile MUST have a garbage bag! I hate having garbage floating all over the car. If your car doesn’t come with a hook and you don’t like the look of a garbage bag hanging from your gear stick, just simply put up a Command hook on the passenger side of the console. Then, hang a shopping bag and voila! Traveling trash.


  • A great way to keep your trunk from becoming a dumping ground for jumper cables, oil, and other supplies is to get a trunk organizer. It’ll keep everything contained and it also comes in handy after a trip to the grocery store when you want to prevent your bread from getting crushed- just use the organizer as a means to sort your groceries and you won’t be left with broken eggs and smashed bananas. Plus, it’ll collapse when not in use so that it doesn’t take up space you may need for luggage, strollers, etc.

These are just some of the many ways we can prevent our cars from becoming something out of a horror movie. I’d love to hear some suggestions and ideas from you- what are some practical solutions you use to keep your car organized?

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