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I Just Spent a Week Sharing a Hotel Room with my 3 Kids. Here’s How I Survived.

You’ve been waiting all year for this: a 10 day vacation for you and your husband in a lovely hotel. A beautiful room with 2 queen size beds, turned down with lux sheets and comforters, plus maid service and great food, time with family and fun. Now throw 3 kids, 2 cots and a crib into the mix, plus enough luggage and clothing for a family of five but enough drawer and closet space for a single business traveler. What you get is a truly enjoyable week and a half, but a professional organizer’s nightmare!!

But guess what- it doesn’t have to be that way. There are ways to keep a hotel room from becoming an out and out disaster zone over the course of your family holiday. All it takes is some creativity and planning ahead.

  • Bring along garbage bags. Don’t let laundry pile up on the floor and on every surface of the room. Having garbage bags on hand that you can use as makeshift hampers will keep the clothing from accumulating in spaces you need to keep tidy and de-cluttered. Then just toss the bags into the car if you’re driving, or into an empty suitcase and then right into the washing machine when you get home.
  • Store empty luggage in your car. A great way to keep the room from getting cluttered with unnecessary, empty suitcases. You only need it to pack into right before you leave, right? So why take up valuable space in your room?
  • Put the crib in the closet if possible. It’s tight enough having to walk around the hotel room without adding a crib to the mix. (Plus, the obvious benefit of giving the baby a little sound proofing). Of course make sure the closet is properly ventilated for your little one.
  • Use the luggage stand for extra hanging space. You know that folding stand that’s in the closet of every hotel room? It can be used to hang the clothing that you can’t fit in the closet. Ideal for shirts or children’s clothing since it’s lower to the ground.
  • Reconfigure the room. Fitting 2 cots in a small space is tough. Don’t be afraid to rearrange some furniture to better fit your needs if necessary.
  • And of course: PACK LIGHT! If you know you’ll be sharing very tight quarters with your kids for 10 days, the best thing you can do to prepare for success is to only bring along the bare minimum. We always pack way more than we need. Err on the side of “less is more.” So what if you only have one option of clothing per day or HEAVEN FORBID you have to wear something twice? I choose my sanity over fashion any day.