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Toss, Donate or Sell? Turn Your Trash into Cash

So you’ve gone through the organization process: you’ve removed, sorted, and determined what you must keep and what you can’t stand to have cluttering up your house anymore. You’ve come to grips with the fact that just because something is in good condition and once had value for you doesn’t mean you still need it taking up space in your home unused. That’s the big first step. But now you’re left with piles of items to get rid of, and decisions to make- trash, donate, sell… what now?


Many of the items we decide to get rid of are broken, expired or just plain junk, and can go straight into the trash. Much of it is as simple as throwing some bags into the trash, but companies like 1-800-GOT-JUNK and Bagster can help remove a dumpster’s worth of trash if necessary. Additionally, there are many local bulk trash pickup companies that will come to your home and pick up large trash items. However, there’s plenty that falls into a different category. Can’t bring yourself to just toss your daughter’s old baby toys? Have an old family heirloom just gathering dust that you want to find a new home for? What about old electronics your family doesn’t use anymore, or clothing that doesn’t fit but is still in great condition?


The old adage “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure” is very true; just because you don’t need it doesn’t mean someone else isn’t willing to pay for it. Guess what- getting your house organized doesn’t only leave you with a great feeling, but it can also put cash into your wallet. Many new apps have popped up over the last several years that have made it very simple to sell used items to local buyers. Like Craigslist, these apps allow you to search for and list items you are looking to buy or sell- but unlike Craigslist, apps like Offerup, Letgo, and Facebook Marketplace provide more security features such as ID scanning programs, or allow you to rate the seller or buyer, which creates an extra layer of protection for both parties.

download (1).jpg

Certain apps only deal in one category of items. ThredUp or Poshmark will give you money for your good-condition clothing. ThredUp will even send you a bag to ship your clothing back in, making the process even easier. Gazelle allows you to trade in old electronics for money. Then there’s always local consignment shops for the non-technologically savvy.


Feeling charitable? Donation is a great way to go as well, and many charities and organizations have made it easier than ever to donate your extra, in-good-condition clutter to a good cause. Charities like Pickups for Breast Cancer and Chabad Global Thrift will send a truck to your home to pick up any number of items from clothing, to furniture, household items, toys and more. How easy is that? After all, charity does start at home. 

This all sounds great, right? But let’s rewind- are you still stuck at the clutter phase and can’t wrap your head around organizing it? Give me a call or send me a message– The Boca Organizer is here for you!


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