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“A big thank you to Shani for professionally organizing our messy toy closet!! All the broken and non-useful items are gone and each Item is properly stored and LABELED. Wow! A terrific job, and such a sweet and easy person to work with. Watch out Marie Kondo.

Feels great to be so organized. Highly recommended.”


“Boca Organizer didn’t only help me get my home organized, but in a time where I really needed it she made my life feel more organized! She was honest, fast, and really got the job done! Thank you so much for all that you did to help us!!!!”


“The Boca Organizer transformed my new house!!! There were boxes and clutter due to multiple moves in a short time span everywhere. I was completely overwhelmed and did not no where to begin. My house is finally organized and clutter free and I feel like a weight has been lifted. I actually have empty drawers and shelves and know where everything is now. It’s a great feeling!!!”


“I enjoyed working with Shani to declutter my kitchen. Shani worked efficiently to clean up my fridge, sorting my sauces, drinks, dairy, soups, etc., including labeling the spaces for ease of use. Shani also helped us clear up our old photos, and put them into albums. She can help you get going on projects that you’ve put off. No more procrastinating! I highly recommend Shani!”

– Liz

“Having employed various professional and non-professional organizers over the years, only one has recommended a maintenance program where she pops in from time to time to tweak or fix a regression to old habits. I think that’s a very important component because otherwise it’s very easy to slide back into a clutter situation.”